Did you know that you can get reminders of your Flowri tasks on your Smartphone’s Telegram? Here’s how to set this up.

Settings in your profile

Go to your profile. In your profile, you will find the option to get reminders on your Telegram. To get reminders, you’ll have to connect to Flowri’s Telegram bot only once to authenticate your account. For this you will need a token that you’ll get by clicking on „Telegram bot“ in your profile.

Connect to Flowri’s Telegram bot

Go to your Telegram and find Flowri’s Telegram bot named FlowriBot. Start a chat with FlowriBot and send the token that you received in your profile. Then, you’re done. If you choose the option to get reminders on Telegram, Flowri will send you messages on your Telegram to remind you of your tasks.

Have you tried Flowri’s Telegram bot?

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