Here at Flowri, we have internalized David Allan’s renowned book „Getting Things Done“. In his book David Allan recommends capturing all projects in a collection tool that you go through regularly in order to manage your commitments. We tell you why Flowri is a great tool to go along with the GTD® methodology.

The art of creating to-do lists - let’s be more precise

A common mistake is to create to-do lists that are a mere listing of stuff, things or goals, that will still need further thinking and To-dos clarification once you want to start to take actions. Such lists can be rather frustrating to work with since they do not capture what has to be done. They often leave you overwhelmed because of all the things you can’t actually do.
 To be able to move forward with a project, it’s important be precise about the things you have to do. In his coaching, David Allan has found that lack of clarity and definition about what a project really is and what the next doable steps are is the major problem in accomplishing projects, even before lack of time. The key to managing your stuff is to translate things and goals that are not actionable into real doable steps of actions to move forward with your project. Yes, that’s work. But the thinking and clarification has to be done at some point.

First steps, second steps …

The main reason to create to-do lists is to get stuff out of your system and to put it all somewhere where it’s out of your head. Use different categories for your to-dos that best suit your projects. David Allan recommends to write down the very next action steps to accomplish your project.

Flowri was designed to capture your workflows, big and small ones. You can capture just the next few action steps or even the whole plan to accomplish your project in Flowri. Flowri lets you use dependent tasks in your lists. We call this lists with depth. This helps you to be clear and precise about what you have to do and in which order to do it.

Review, review, review

GTD® requires you to review and update your to-do lists on a regular basis. This keeps your lists up-to-date and helps to clear your mind. Review and replanning is easy with Flowri. It lets you switch between a classic list view and a board view of your tasks at any time which makes it easier to review your lists.

Take action – one step at a time

Sometimes all your to-dos can become overwhelming. But with Flowri’s dependent tasks first things will get done first. In addition, Flowri’s context and focus features help you to focus on projects and tasks you want to do. You can even use the same system for private and for business projects and switch between these contexts.

Do you have tricks for the perfect and most effective to-do lists? Tell us!

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